Specifically, can we talk about the irrational hatred people seem to harbor for these things? Not in a feminist academic, ISSUE OF OUR TIME way. In a colloquial, wtf way. The way we would discuss some nonsense sex advice from Cosmo.

Look, I totally get that there's a time and place to wear leggings, and that some leggings leave pretty much nothing to the imagination (every leggings-wearer should know the bend-over test in the dressing room). I also understand that leggings aren't for everyone—we don't all have to like the same styles. And we're all allowed to have an opinion. And we all look good in different things. And that's all okay!


But my god, the hatred and derision leggings—a harmless garment!—inspire in people? What even is that about? All I'm sayin' is, let's have a little perspective here. Mr. Chip and I just got into a real argument about this because I bought some comfy new leggings and was super psyched about them, and he got weirdly upset about it but couldn't articulate a good reason as to why he finds leggings so offensive—particularly these, when I wear my workout leggings around all the time and he's never once complained. Dude, I'm not wearing these at you. Though, I don't know, I kind of want to wear them at him all weekend.

So, hivemind. What are your thoughts on leggings? Love 'em? Hate 'em? Why? And why are some dudes so PRESSED about women wearing them out in public? Is this about boners?